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Audrey Young

Living here in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley sheltered by the Blue Ridge Mountains gives me pause to reflect on how very blessed I am. Every season speaks to me each and every day throughout the year. In Spring we’re introduced to a new palette of color when the buds are peeking out from the trees, shrubbery and flowers awakening a new season and as the birds build their nests in preparation of new offspring. Summer brings more color as new seasonal flowers evoke their own beauty. Fall, my favorite time of year, lets us know that cooler weather is on its way as our surroundings bring to us earth tone colors of oranges, golds and browns. Of course, as the Circle of the Seasons closes with Winter, we see the blacks, grays and whites. What more could an artist wish for than such glorious color just waiting to be tapped limited only by ones creative spirit.

Cloisonné and Various Enameling Techniques

Audrey Young

Dating back to the 8th century, the technique of applying enamel to metal with heat has been explored and refined.  It is a very lengthy and labor intensive procedure.  Starting with a raw metal cut to the desired shape, the metal is prepared to accept the enamel.  After multiple kiln firings, the predetermined design is applied.  From inception to finished jewelry piece, the entire process may take many hours to complete, depending on the intricacy of the design and the desired affect.  Each piece is unique and signed by the artist. 


Audrey Young

Cloisonné is a beautiful French word meaning “partition."  It’s an ancient technique for decorating raised design jewelry, art glass, and metal objects. 

The jewelry design is formed by first soldering silver or gold wires to a metal object.  The artist inlays many layers of transparent and color enamel into the small compartments, and fires each layer in the kiln.

Cloisonné originated in Ancient China and the Middle East.  Royalty loved cloisonné for its luxurious look and vivid colors, which are now of UNIQUELY by AUDREYANN designs.