Wearable Art Cloisonné Enameled Jewelry Store. A Proud Enamelist Society Member

I am drawn to working with the fine details and rich colors of cloisonné and enamel. Every piece is a creative meditation, handcrafted with a great deal of time, attention, and love. I am passionate about what I do and I hope you enjoy these statement pieces that truly enliven every woman’s wardrobe. My jewelry is as uniquely individual as each woman who wears it.”
— AudreyAnn Young

The Idea

Each piece is inspired by spending time in nature.  I notice colors and textures and feelings that arise during my morning walks in the mountains.  I am soulful and contemplative and I bring that into my designs.


Style & Quality

I design for every woman of every age.  A professional woman can look very striking in a suit with one of my signature pendants.  This kind of jewelry says, "I know who I am.  Deal with it. "  It also translates to a more playful arena of casual wear.  

Quality is everything to me and this is why each piece is time intensive.  Layering enamels and firing many times is part of achieving the rich feeling of cloisonné as an art form. 


100% Handmade

Every piece of UNIQUELY by AUDREYANN is handmade by the artist herself.  There is simply no substitute for real cloisonné wearable art jewelry.  Feel the difference!